Engineering Surveys


A major part of the workload at G.V.Hull & Associates involves surveys for the design of road and driveways, stormwater systems, sewer and water main reticulation, bridges, wharves and jetties, gridline setout for high rise buildings or large factories and warehouses, 'Works as Executed' drawings etc. The list goes on. In New South Wales, a surveyor need not be licensed by the Board of Surveyors to conduct himself on an engineering survey. However, most survey firms in New South Wales are involved in some way with engineering works.


An engineering survey can take many forms. We at G.V.Hull & Associates, being a private consultancy, accept instructions for a wide variety of work. For example, we are currently involved in two large surveys for 'Works as Executed' (or AS Built) drawings at the Enfield Marshalling Yards and at the Caltex Oil Refinery.

The contractor laying new tracks at the marshalling yards required an independent report on the precision of the line gauge and the tracks accurate position in relation to the stanchions. After the precise field survey using a NIKON data recorder, we downloaded into our networked computer system and manipulated the data using a spreadsheet and AutoCad to prepare a final report for submission.

At the refinery, new rubber fenders were required for the finger wharf where the large oil tankers berth. They had to be placed within very accurate tolerances (+0.01m) and we were actively involved with the contractor to ensure their position. The 'Work as Executed' drawings prepared for the contractor for submission to the Project Managers involved some detailed manipulation of AutoCad drawings supplied to us. Part of the contractor's brief was to ensure that all drawings were submitted in digital format for approval.

Other types of engineering survey are more common. Subdivision of land requires roads, kerbs and footpaths to be designed, stormwater pits, pipes, channels and retention basins, sewer and water reticulation to all lots and, in hilly terrain, special access driveways to allow vehicles access to building areas.

In an industrial application, engineering surveys for gridline setout are very important for ensuring that the building is in fact square and that pre-cast concrete or steel girders will fit together on site. These gridlines usually require millimetre accuracy otherwise the builder needs to spend valuable time on site trimming the concrete or steel. The surveyor and his theodolite are very important at this stage of construction.




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