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Jet boating enthusiasts all over the world have become enthralled with the idea of jet propelled boats as a new form of social boating.

Jets provide a thrilling way to get the most out of your boat. Excellent handling, great performance and yet they are the safest form of propulsion this side of Cape Canaveral.

Jetting, jetboat, jetboating, jetski, jets, waterjet, jetsprint; whatever your interest we've got it.


Why not consider a jet for your next boat?

Jet Boat Association of New South Wales

- a historical snapshot

The Jet Boat Association of New South Wales (JBANSW) is a 'not for profit' association originally incorporated in 1971 and reformed in 2010 by a group of Aussie jet boat enthusiasts who share a common interest in jet propulsion. Many of its members have been running jets for over 45 years and now continue the tradition of jet boating into the 21st century. The very core of the appeal of a jet boat is its ability to GO ANYWHERE! On the fly ... give the boats 3" of water and watch 'em do 80 k.p.h. and more - no problems! It doesn't matter whether they're skimming over sand, mud or rock (i.e.: unless a hazard lurks beneath the surface) or shooting the rapids in the headwaters of your favourite river, these jet boats just keep going!

The members of the JBANSW have thrived for many, many years on good mateship, common jetting interests and, where necessary, the ability to help each other in a time of need. Yet overall, they just have GOOD FUN! The JBANSW has a commendable record for organising successful outings and so many jet boaters over the years can honestly say they've had a great day out! Membership is open to all comers, so long as their boat is jet driven. The JBANSW meets on the first Tuesday of every month, mainly to keep in touch with each other and to discuss formalities of income and expenditure, membership, group rallies and land based functions. Rallies are held on the last Sunday of each and every month, at different venues decided by the Rally Co-ordinator. New members are most welcome to attend these meetings and will find a warm and friendly handshake on their arrival.

The charter of the JBANSW is to provide services and support to its members, to seek new membership and ...

to boldly go where no boat has gone before!


   Check this week's river heights in and around New South Wales ... here

    Today's weather in Sydney, AUS can be obtained ... here, or check the latest Sydney radar ... here. (Courtesy of  Bureau of Meteorology)

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JBA NSW supports the safe use of Impellors .... SAY NO TO PROPELLORS

Handy Tips for Jet Boating !!!

Boaters in general are safety minded and can enjoy a day on the water time and again without mishap or misfortune.  However, boating accidents still happen and in most cases the accident may have been avoidable with better preparation by the driver. Please read this page on jet boating safety and operating tips and make sure you get home safely on your next day on the water.

     Tips for happy jet boating that will save you money and get you home safely

 ... and a handy Guide to Public Toilets in and around Sydney Harbour ... They're listed here :-) (courtesy of NSW Maritime)

Irrational behaviour & Jet drives ....

A sobering word to keep us all aware that the extreme performance of a jet watercraft MUST be treated with respect. Follow this link for some case histories of accidents on the water involving collisions between moving watercraft.

Thanks to Elizabeth E L Swinbuurn, MB BS and  The Medical Journal of Australia

Emergency Department, Royal North Shore Hospital, St Leonards, NSW.


The following pages are provided as a 'snap shot' of the JBANSW activities in the past and are for your general information only. Items contained herein are not necessarily up-to-date however the author welcomes any enquiry relating to the use and enjoyment of jet boats.


Previous Jet Rallies 



If you're interested in attending one of their rallies, the members would be very pleased to see you. Check out their yearly planner for upcoming events and see if you can join up with their crews for some good family boating with a little adventure thrown in. See their current Planner here - 'JBANSW Rallies'

They'd love to see you come along. If you plan to do so, please contact their rally coordinator for the event, or a member of their committee, to make sure the event is still scheduled. Many factors such as dam water levels, weather, ramp conditions etc can cause the JBANSW to move a rally to another location at short notice. Hint: make sure you read our Tips page before attending a JBANSW rally.

If you would like to go along, call one of the committee members (see  JBA News  for numbers) or send an email and they'll forward the details.

Details of the next committee meeting can be found in their newsletter (see  JBA News ). Why not go along and find out what makes the JBANSW click. They'd love to see you!

Note: Although the devastating drought through parts of New South Wales has ended, and river and dam storage levels are up, some rally events may still be re-scheduled for various reasons. Please watch these pages for up-to-date information or contact the rally coordinator.

Le Sprint - le excitement !!!


SprinterJET SPRINT is growing in popularity in Australia at a phenomenal rate. A very safe and captivating sport, given the amount of horsepower and exhilarating acceleration. Tune in to your local TV channel for telecasts of each round or chase the link downstairs to the Australian Jet Sprint site to keep in touch with broadcast dates.

The photo of the Currency Creek course at GOOLWA in South Australia is taken mid-season when the track is 'dry'. This is a great weekend away not only for the JET SPRINT but also for visiting the local wineries at Currency Creek, Langhorne Creek or McLaren Vale, or even Adelaide and the Barossa Valley which is only 80-100 kms distant - and then don't forget a visit to the adjoining Lavender Farm for the ladies, or the amazing Begonia Farm at Myponga!

Currency Creek Jet Sprint course, SA







Maybe if you've got time, stop in and say hello to Nick_Birdseye and his personally customised 'PT73' jet boat sporting a Hamilton jet. Nick jets around the Coorong National Park at the mouth of the Murray River in South Australia and if you say "gidday", he'll welcome you with open arms and probably put another snag on the B-B-Q!



If you're the proud owner of any type of watercraft which uses a waterjet as its method of propulsion, JBANSW would like to SEE YOU! You're welcome to make contact with one of their members who will return your enquiry. They'd love to see you on an outing where family jet boating and friendship are the call of the day.

The following pictures depict firstly a winter outing in June (i.e. winter in the southern hemisphere - no snow or ice here! ) at Bayview on Pittwater, N.S.W. just north of Sydney. Secondly, a slow but very enjoyable adventure boating day in Cattai Creek west of Sydney. If this type of boating appeals to you, come along, JBANSW would love to see you.

Bayview winter rally             

Don't forget that we jet boaties still answer to mother nature - and although we like to think we can go where no boat has gone before, we've still got to have water under the keel!

Where's the wheels?

This photo depicts an American Bayliner Capri outboard beside an Australian Camero Strada 2000 Jet, both high & dry in the George's River south of Sydney. Lucky the St. George Sailing Club bar was nearby, which made the wait for water bearable. The other photo sees the 20' Camero on the move at Farm Beach, Coffin Bay, South Australia. Coffin Bay is 50km west of Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula and is a great destination for boating and fishing. Literally kilometres of sandy flats populated with emus, kangaroos, dolphins and sea lions. Nature's own paradise, unspoilt by man. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate (giving low rainfall), you can be 40 kilometres from the ocean, in protected waters, and still have clear water and sandy bottom. Here's a spot called Bulldog Point in Mt. Dutton Bay that was found on a 47C (117F) day. You could fry an egg on a rock that day!



The JBANSW is an organisation dedicated to the concept of family boating in jet propelled craft. Their recent newsletter will give you an insight to their current activities and can be obtained through this link  (JBA News). You can view the newsletter with Acrobat Reader which, if you don't have it installed on your computer, can be obtained from this ADOBE link -


Would you like to join their club and participate in some really enjoyable outings? Here's a membership form for you to print and forward to their friendly committee.

The postal address of the JBANSW is:

Email your application to -

JET BOAT Manufacturers



... Hamilton Jet                    &                    Doen Jet ...


          Sugar Sand Jet Boats Sugar Sand Jet Boats - North Dakota
  Jetcraft Boats - US

  Sea Doo Sports Boats    logo.gif

  Yamaha Jet Drive Sportsboats     YAMAHA

  ... and if you can't make out the model of that old jet boat, try this link ... OLD JET BOAT MANUFACTURERS

Who makes Jet Pumps?


Hamilton Jet - New Zealand           

                                                                            Mercury Jet Drives


                                                                                    Berkeley Jet - US

    American Turbine Jet Pump - US

                                                                            North American Marine's TRAKTOR Jet & JACUZZI Jet

    Scott Jet - NZ

                                                                                        Alpha Power Jet - US - Stainless Steel

Links to other Jet Boating Clubs


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Jet Pump Repairs - NSW

For reliable Jet pump repairs in and around Sydney and the Central Coast of NSW contact:

     *** Simon Taylor Jet Services ***

 Keep your boat going where no boat has gone before .....

Ed; a 'not for profit' recommendation by the website host in the interests of providing assistance to our members when in a time of mechanical need. Got to keep those jet boats on the water!

  •  ...and finally - a few more links to assist an old jet boater -

    ·         www.maritime.nsw.gov.au – Waterways Authority - Regulatory authority for jet boaters in NSW

    ·         http://www.sca.nsw.gov.au/ - Sydney Catchment Authority dam storage levels for Sydney catchment

    ·         http://waterinfo.nsw.gov.au/sr/storagesummary.shtml - dam storage levels across NSW

    ·        http://www.bom.gov.au/hydro/flood/nsw/rain_river.shtml - river heights across NSW

    ·         http://weather.news.com.au/marinenational.jsp?site=newscomau - Tide Predictions for most of Australia (Select you city) - an essential for all jet-boaters

    ·         http://www.damsafety.nsw.gov.au - For information relating to Dam Safety in NSW

    This picture is taken at Noosaville on the Sunshine Coast of SE Queensland. Great boating with sandy beaches, island hideaways and terrific skiing  (although a little too crowded in peak periods). For an insight into my Jet Boating heritage, check these links -

      G.V.Hull's 'Camero' jet boat homepage 

    ....... and if you wish to view my 'Camero' home movie taken at Coffin Bay in South Australia (8mb WMV file) then click HERE! (You may need to click in the box to invoke your media player) (Thanks to 'New_Order' for providing a truly inspiring piece of music called 'Slow_Jam'. Please consider buying their 'GET_READY' CD at AMAZON)

    ....... and a new page dedicated to my current jet boat - a Sugar Sand SOLÉ jet boat arrived direct from North Dakota, U.S.A!

         G.V.Hull's 'Sugar Sand Solé' jet boat homepage 

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